Helen Fitzsimmons

(Homestay Manager)

Many of you will remember Helen from 2018 when she worked in the Kerikeri High School International Department as Homestay Manager for six months before moving to Christchurch.

In 2022 the call of the beautiful Bay of Islands brought Helen and her husband back to Kerikeri.  After buying some land, they are in the process of settling down again in Kerikeri.

Helen brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge learnt while working as a Homestay Manager in different high schools around Christchurch.  Her family have hosted many international students in the past, and she has a good understanding of what it takes to be a successful host family.  Her adult son has international ‘brothers’ around the world.

“My focus is to be a strong support for both the international students and the host families.  I see the homestay experience as an important part of the student’s success while they are at Kerikeri High School. It is always good see the host family and the student getting on well together and making lifelong friends.”