Jessica Donovan

(Director Of International Students)

Jessica has been with the International Department at Kerikeri High School for the past six years, most of you will know her by email and some of you have met her on your travels to New Zealand. Jessica travelled to Latin America last year and represented Kerikeri High School at the Education New Zealand Agent Workshops and visited some of you in your offices. Jessica has three children, two of which have graduated Kerikeri High School and the youngest is studying here in Year 8. Jessica has lived in Kerikeri for 21 years and is very much part of the community. She previously worked in Business and Operations Management. Her previous roles included Managing a Riding School where she discovered her affinity with teenagers. Jessica enjoys travelling and travelled extensively as a younger person doing her “O.E.” (Overseas Experience). “Working in the international department is my dream job, I really enjoy looking after the international students and encouraging them to make the very best of what Kerikeri High School and the community has to offer”.