Surf Academy

Our Academic Plus Surfing programme provides an exciting course for all international students wanting to get in the water to surf in a fun group environment with expert instructors at some of the most beautiful beaches in Northland. They combine skilled coaches, love for the ocean and Northland’s stunning locations to offer a unique opportunity.  The coaches’ enthusiasm, passion and love for the sport is totally infectious, they have got the surfing bug and are keen to pass it on.  The Surf Academy can cater for any level of surfer, if you have never tried surfing before, no problem, you can go from zero to hero over the term.  All equipment is provided, so all you need to bring is energy and a willingness to give it a go. 

Course Content

A term of surfing will consist of a minimum of 8 full days (Fridays) surfing, the location of each day will vary with weather and surf conditions. The Surf Academy will teach you surf/beach safety,  reading the conditions, surf etiquette and obviously how to ride the wave, with the main emphasis on having heaps of fun. The Surf Coaches are dedicated to continually improve your surfing in a safe positive environment, ensuring you have the best experience possible.  Throughout your lesson the coaches will be right there with you, giving you lots of encouragement and tips.