Tell us about…

Cecilia Ferraris from Torino, Italy is enrolled at Kerikeri High School for a six month international student experience….

Favourite subject:  English Media Theory

Favourite Kiwi saying:  “Sweet as”, “aye?”

Describe your Friday:  After school I usually hang out with my friends, sometimes we have dinner in town, or we just go to somebody’s place for a movie night or cooking competitions!

Favourite place to eat in Kerikeri:  Rainbow Falls Tea House

What do you like most about Kerikeri High School:  All the facilities which make learning way more interesting

The kids at this school are lucky because…:  …they get to learn in a very “natural” environment; trees and plants are everywhere her!

What is the most exciting thing you have done recently?:  Nevis Swing in Queenstown, during my South Island Student Tour.  It’s sort of bungee jumping, literally breath taking.

If you could send a message to yourself when you are thinking of coming to NZ, what would you say?:  Just go, it is going to be a life changing experience and you’ll meet heaps of new friends.  The aspect you’ll enjoy the most; personal growing.

Pineapple lumps or chocolate fish:  Definitely chocolate fish!

Is there something you would like to take home with you but you can’t?:  A kiwi, they are the most adorable animals on earth!