“I chose Kerikeri High School especially because of Hospitality, we can’t do this subject in my country and here we have great facilities and success in competitions, I am so happy, and I also get to sail on Fridays.”
Hospitality Raphael
“ I do NCEA Level 3 Statistics as well as Level 3 Calculus. It means I can keep all my options open for my future in Germany. I love Mathematics here, it is challenging and keeps me busy but I really enjoy it.”
Maths- Noah, Germany
“I am able to do Photography as an NCEA subject which I couldn’t have done at home. Its fun and really helping with my English.”
Photography- Kasei, Japan
“I am able to continue with my music here and that was really important to me. I play flute and piano and am making huge improvements in learning new styles of music ; I am really developing and changing as a musician”
Music – Emma, Germany
"The Sailing Academy at Kerikeri High School is a great opportunity and lots of fun for beginners and advanced sailors. You will learn a lot of new skills with experienced coaches and make friends for life during events like an overnight on an island and keelboat racing ~ and all that in the most beautiful sailing area in the world, the Bay of Islands."
Steffen, Germany
"Even though Kerikeri is small, there are so many things you can do and you will never be bored! Here you will find all you need to have an awesome Kiwi adventure."
Marta, Italy
"When I arrived in New Zealand I could not speak much English. Then I opened my heart to try to learn something new. The teachers and International Department are so helpful when I have a problem. I love Kerikeri even if it has only been for a short time in my life and I will never forget my stay here."
Nice, Thailand
"I am having some awesome days in New Zealand with my host family. I love spending time with them because they always take care of me which makes me feel safe and at home. They have treated me just like a real daughter!"
Yun Ha, Korea